Governor Mike Huckabee

Former host of “Huckabee,” Fox News Channel

Dr. Ron Harris has been a friend for over thirty years. I have known him as a top-notch Christian broadcaster, and a leader in the National Religious Broadcasters association. Now, with his new ministry, MEDIAlliance International, he is taking his decades of experience in broadcasting and Christian media, and using it to train, strengthen, and encourage Christian broadcasters in strategic areas around the world. I commend this ministry and Ron Harris to you with a verse he often quotes from I Timothy 1:1, “…to further the promise of life in Christ Jesus…” to those who are hopeless without Christ in our world.

Tom Leppert

Former Mayor of Dallas, Texas

In many countries around the world, where evangelical Christians are few, media is a critical tool to convey God’s message of hope and life in Christ Jesus to the hearts of those living in darkness. Christian broadcasters face enormous challenges as they work to fulfill God’s call on their life. Ron Harris and MEDIAlliance International provide encouragement and practical training to these broadcasters, helping them use powerful media tools to their fullest potential. Christian media training is essential for these dedicated media professionals in challenging countries around our globe. MEDIAlliance International is providing high quality, practical, media training for hundreds in various regions of our world. Through lecture, hands-on training, and follow up mentoring, MEDIAlliance International helps prepare God’s media servants to make an impact on their culture for the cause of Christ.