We don’t shrink back!

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June 27, 2016
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July 4, 2016

We don’t shrink back!

Mission building with a crossThe global reports in recent weeks have been disheartening. Sixteen churches burned in a Southeast Asian country. Direct ISIS threats in a Middle Eastern country. And in another challenging area, government agencies informing Christian stations they need to turn in their licenses and apply for fewer and lower power frequencies than they now have.




Johadist waving flag

But we are not those who draw back and are destroyed, but those who have faith and obtain life.

Hebrews 10:39 (HCSB)

Where 16 churches were burned, seven new Christian radio stations have been started.

Where direct ISIS threats were received, the radio ministry launched another Christian station, and is looking at another one in an area where there is no evangelical witness.

And as government agencies intimidate, bold broadcast ministries are seeking new frequencies to grow the impact of the Gospel…all the while thinking how to maintain ministry if the government carries through with their plan to diminish their opportunities.

I am so thankful and so impressed with the Christian broadcasters whom MEDIAlliance International serves. They face all sorts of obstacles. Satan throws many fiery darts at them to limit their powerful proclamation of the Gospel. While these broadcasters are not perfect, they are bold in their service to the Lord, and they do not draw back from what God has called them to do.

It has been our privilege to connect with, plan with, and encourage these faithful ministries as they use today’s powerful media tools to share God’s Truth and His love. Are they being effective? I can guarantee you that Satan would not be pushing back so hard if they were not making an eternal difference by planting the seed of God’s Truth in the fertile soil of men and women, boys and girls who are looking for hope. MEDIAlliance International will continue to do what God has called us to do…so these faithful servants can stay on the battlefield for the Lord.

What can you do?

First and foremost…pray. Pray for these we mention, and for many others around the world who are literally behind enemy lines bringing light to the darkness. Most of the international Christian broadcasters I see aren’t simply sitting in a studio putting good teaching programs on the air. Of course, that would be a blessing in itself.

These driven disciples of Jesus are out in the communities they serve, helping the widows, the children, the young girls who are targets of human trafficking, providing needed clothing, food, and books to poor Muslim families in forgotten villages, then lining up evangelical churches to continue the aid…all in the name of Jesus.

In other countries, journalists are seeking ways to engage a country in conflict with Truth, and others are fighting against the condemning culture of racism that stirs unrest and diminishes the lives of those for whom Jesus died.

As I write this, I am praying for these dear servants of Christ. As you read this, would you join me in lifting up those who are not “shrinking back,” but who are walking courageously in faith?

International Media Leadership Summit

This fall MEDIAlliance is launching a major initiative for key international media leaders. The International Media Leadership Summit (IMLS) will be hosted by Dallas Baptist University, October 10-12. This invitation only event will see some 35 Christian media leaders come to Dallas for three days of seminars in media, leadership, and spiritual growth. In addition, the group will take part in a number of cultural activities, from Mexican food fiestas to museums to worship experiences.

Media Leadership SummitThanks to Dallas Baptist University, the international guests will enjoy beautiful facilities, transportation, meals, and worship experiences. DBU is assisting MEDIAlliance with logistical and support help, which is greatly appreciated.

The guests at the IMLS will attend at no cost to them, thanks to MEDIAlliance International and its many supporters, including some key contributors who have made substantial financial gifts for the Summit. Each attendee will receive a scholarship to offset some of the travel expenses as well.

Outstanding speakers, such as Tony Evans, O.S. Hawkins, Phil and Kathleen Cook, Jim Denison, J. Keet Lewis, Bob Lepine, and DBU President Dr. Adam Wright are on the agenda for the conference. Attendees will also worship at First Baptist Church Dallas, and will sit in on the broadcast of First Dallas’ Sunday worship, too.

If you would like to sponsor one of the invited international guests to attend, the cost per individual is $3,000. If you would like to provide scholarship funds for transportation, that amount is $1,000 per person. Other gifts of any amount are welcome. And if the funds received exceed the expenses, those funds will be used for MEDIAlliance International’s ongoing ministry to these and other Christian broadcasters as they take the Gospel to the dark corners of the world.

Excitement is building for the International Media Leadership Summit. Pray for those who need a visa to enter the US. Pray for the finances needed for the IMLS event. Pray for the many logistics that MEDIAlliance will be provide. And pray for an eternal impact as these dynamic media leaders come together for this special event.


Kingdom Media Conference 2016September 21-23 is the date for the next Kingdom Media Conference to be held this year in Bangalore, India. The Indian Christian Media Association hosts this event in major cities in India each year, and MEDIAlliance has been honored to provide a number of the media instructors for the training seminars. As in the past, we are expecting some 350 attendees for the training workshops in television, social media/internet, church media, and ministry management.

Pray for the ICMA as they work through the many details for the event, and as they promote it to those in media, Christian ministries, and the church. Pray for the team of US and Indian instructors who will participate in the teaching. Pray for the finances needed to hold such an event. Most of all, pray for India and the need for the Gospel. There are many forces working against Christian churches and ministries as they share God’s Truth in a largely Hindu land.

Albania-Radio Emanuel

A man walking on a narrow street in AlbaniaKorçë is a quaint town in south central Albania in a region with a growing Muslim influence. For the past 14 years there has been a strong voice for Christ through Radio Emanuel, a Christian radio ministry directed by Tani and Efti Baraku. On my visits to Korçë, I have been impressed by the great ministry work that Radio Emanuel is doing. Their small studios are often filled with young people and children who are producing programming aimed at their own generation. And the ministry, due to its proximity to Macedonia and Greece, produces programs to reach into these cultures.

These days are challenging for Christian broadcasters in this country that was officially atheistic for decades before the fall of Communism. Yet, in spite of the current challenges, Radio Emanuel is taking steps to expand its ministry and its outreach.

One key step is to have adequate facilities to produce many local original programs. The dream of new studios and offices is now becoming a reality. Radio Emanuel is poised to transform the structure seen on the left into a wonderful broadcast and ministry center, right in the heart of Korçë’s city center.

Pray for the ministry as they gather the needed funds, refurbish the building, and outfit it with appropriate broadcast equipment for their ministry needs. And pray that they will overcome all challenges that would try to diminish the voice of the Gospel through Radio Emanuel.


Thank you for your prayers and your support. It is a blessing to serve Christian broadcasters and media professionals who are spreading God’s Truth. Your gifts to MEDIAlliance International allow us to come alongside these ministries…at no cost to them…and bring the encouragement and help that strengthens them and their work.

Pray for the International Media Leadership Summit as we continue to finalize plans and programs that will bless and encourage. One broadcaster, who is impacting his culture in spite of Satan’s opposition, said his greatest need was for refreshment. Pray that the IMLS can be that place of refreshment and insight for all these international friends and servants who labor courageously for the Lord Jesus.

Ron Harris
Ron Harris

I assist Christian broadcasters and communicators around the world. Through training, consulting, mentoring, encouraging and praying, I hope “…to further the promise of life in Christ Jesus….”

2 Timothy 1:1 (NET)