Sasko and Ira Bogeski

ELION Media Ministry
Belgrade, Serbia

As a young ministry and people without experience, we were hungry to learn new skills and techniques that we would be able to use in this area of modern media, but we didn’t have much opportunity to do that here. The training that Ron Harris organized in Romania and Bulgaria, in cooperation with NRB and other organizations, were a huge blessing to us. This training was something really special. Not only were we able to gain practical knowledge, we were also able to meet so many different people and organizations who have the same passion and the heart for spreading the Gospel through media. The networking itself was of huge importance to us, as we were able to connect with those other organizations and look forward to serving together in the future.

Enkelejda Kumaraku Shelburne

Director, Radio 7
Albania and Kosovo

I’m so very thankful for the support of Dr. Ron Harris and his initiative MEDIAlliance to our ministry through the years. Ministering in a region with a Muslim majority (70% Albania, 98% Kosovo, 100% Macedonia) and a very young church (20 years) and a small church in numbers (less than 1%) has been very challenging for us. The number one challenge has been the lack of Christian heritage. We represent the first generation of Christians in the country after the 50 years of atheism. It is very hard to serve the Lord when you have nothing, and most of the time no one to follow. Ron has been like a spiritual father for myself and for many of my colleagues. He has spent hours of prayers and counseling us, helping us to serve God and be who God intended for us to be. We have no one to turn to in our country for counsel, to help us in different situations we face in ministry. Ron and other media professionals are very much needed in our part of the world, to walk with us side by side, so we can fulfill the call God has given us.