What We Do

What We Do


MEDIAlliance provides training for broadcasters, both individually and in extensive seminars, in localities convenient to them.


MEDIAlliance provides technical strategies for stations needing to improve their efforts. This may include improvements in studio systems to raise the standard of commercial broadcast excellence, or transmission systems, with assistance in procuring equipment for increasing a station's signal strength...and more.


MEDIAlliance provides connections to doctrinally sound evangelical program resources. The goal is to provide solid Bible teaching by radio, television, and other media in underserved areas of the world.


MEDIAlliance dialogues with its client broadcasters on topics such as how to develop involvement strategies to engage listeners in the communities they serve and...most importantly...how to connect new Christians with a local church. When listeners take "ownership" and tell friends, the Gospel takes hold and grows.


MEDIAlliance training events bring entrepreneurial Christian broadcasters together, where they form friendships, share ideas, and begin networking together.

Helping Others Touch Lives Through Christian Media

We often talk of a "shrinking" world, and in many ways, it is. Technology opens the door for many people around the world to learn and see beyond their borders. Yet for all this, our world is filled with people who have never heard the story of God's love, of a Savior who died for their sins, and a Holy Spirit who can walk with them through life's challenges.

Christian media is helping to change that. Technology has opened the door to reach into the most unreached people groups with God's Good News. And the Lord is calling out people from their own culture, their own country, to take that message to those around them.

Often these dedicated servants are doing a great job in using these tools of communication to reach their world. Yet, many times they need additional training, mentoring, and networking to effectively use these powerful tools.

MEDIAlliance International listens to these Christian broadcasters, learning what they need most. Then we design the right kind of help, using some of the best Christian broadcasters to be found anywhere.

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