Who We Are

Who We Are

These gifted professional broadcasters have served on the MEDIAlliance instructor team through the years.

Ronald Harris

MEDIAlliance International
Arlington, Texas

Jon Hull

Senior Director of Outreach
KSBJ Radio
Houston, Texas

Bill Blount

President/CEO of Blount Communications Group
Chairman of the Board, NRB
Derry, New Hampshire

Richard Klein

Senior Producer, CBN
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd Communications
Naperville, Illinois

Krista Sederwall

Managing Producer
CBN India Programming
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ron Ingram

Minister of Media
Sagemont Baptist Church
Houston, Texas

Scott Miller

Executive Vice President
Centerpost Limited
St. Louis, Missouri

Priti Choudhry

Managing Director
CBN India
Delhi, India

Bryan Bailey

Director of Media and Production
First Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas

John Carley

Trinet Internet Solutions
Irvine, California

Wes Ward

Vice President of Strategic Growth
Five Q Digital Agency
Atlantic, Iowa

Sharon Geiger

Assistant General Manager and Outreach Director
KCBI Radio
Dallas, Texas

Lee Ann Jackson

Media Strategist/Social Media Manager
Ambassador Advertising Agency
Irvine, California

Jim Barnwell

Director of Communications
Bellevue Baptist Church
Memphis, Tennessee